Atami Geigi Kenban

- Kaburenjo (Theatre)
Atami is known throughout Japan to attract outstanding artists including geisha, whose job it has been to entertain through refined and sophisticated dance. The Atami Geigi Kenban Theatre is one of few establishments where on Saturdays and Sundays one can enjoy such dance performances while enjoying teacakes. 

“Hana-no-mai” performances: Saturday and Sunday from 11:00~(One performance is 30 minutes), reservations are accepted.

Izusan Shrine

~The Chiune Sugihara Memorial Hall~
As an incarnation of the gods, two red and white dragons protect the shrine where the hot spring’s source is, located in the ground of Izusan. Descending 837 steps down the shrine is where the water comes out from the dragon’s mouth, with its body said to be connected to Mt Fuji.
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