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Discover Hidden Treasures of Kansai, Japan: Sakai, Mt. Koya, Tokushima, Kobe, Himeji & Tottori (11days/10nights)

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Kansai, located in the center of the main island of Japan, is steeped in ancient history, religion, and culture. Traditional Japanese beauty spreads throughout Kansai. This itinerary takes you to not only iconic, must-see spots but also nostalgic hidden gems, where you can find a different Japan. Experience the history and culture rooted in Sakai, Osaka, a town of traditional craftsmen. Experience the calming spiritual atmosphere of the ancient temple of Mt. Koya in Wakayama. Visit Hyogo in a long history of sake brewery and see the Himeji Castle, one of the most beautiful castles in Japan. Nestled between mountains and sea in Western Japan, Tottori is a region of unparalleled natural beauty and an ideal destination for travelers seeking off-the-beaten path.

Day 1: Kansai Int'l Airport - Sakai, Osaka

Arrival at Kansai International Airport in Osaka, and transfer to Sakai, Osaka.

Day 2: Sakai, Osaka

Enjoy Osaka’s most prominent landmark. Visit the Aerial Garden Observatory for panoramic views from 170 meters above the city. Stroll through the Dotonbori district for shopping and dining.

Day 3: Sakai, Osaka

Stroll through the town of Sakai, steeped in history and tradition. One of the largest ancient tombs in Japan is must-see. Then learn Sakai’s traditional local craftworks such as ``chu-sen’’ dyeing, Sakai Cutlery. Experience the heart and soul of an authentic tea ceremony. 

Day 4: Osaka - Mt. Koya, Wakayama

Today, proceed to the World Heritage Site, Mt. Koya. Experience a night of ascetic retreat at a temple lodging and enjoy a night tour through the Okuno-in, one of Koyasan’s most sacred sites.

Day 5: Mt. Koya - Kada Onsen, Wakayama

In this morning, experience a Gomataki, Fire Ritual. Discover one of Wakayama’s coastal treasures: the historic, photogenic town of Yuasa. Off the beaten path, a visit to the birthplace of Japanese soy sauce (shoyu) assures authentic views of Edo period architecture. Stay in Kada Onsen, renowned for its beautiful sunsets, and the panoramic views

Day 6: Wakayama - Tokushima

Take a ferry to Tokushima and experience the sparkle of an aquatic city. Take the ropeway to Mt. Bizan and enjoy a panoramic view. Visit Awa Odori Kaikan and learn about and try one of Japan’s most famous traditional dances. Don’t miss Otsuka Museum of Art, featuring full-scale reproductions of major art historical gems.

Day 7: Tokushima - Kobe, Hyogo

Explore the nature of Naruto by riding on a sightseeing boat and cross the world’s longest suspension bridge linking Kobe and Awaji Island. Discover  charms of a port town, Kobe. 

Day 8: Kobe, Hyogo

Visit the Kitano-cho, a historical neighborhood known for its traditional western-style houses. Visit Nada Gogo, a sake breweries town, where there are museums about sake brewing. Take a Rokko cable car and enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of the urban sprawl of Osaka Bay at the top of Mt. Rokko.

Day 9: Kobe - Himeji - Tottori

After visiting Himeji Castle, one of the most well-preserved castles in Japan. Depart to Tottori, a region of unparalleled natural beauty and an ideal destination for travelers seeking off the-beaten path.

Day 10: Tottori

Explore nearby Daisen Oki National Park with its world-class hiking trails through pristine nature and sacred Mount Daisen at its center.

Day 11: Departure

Depart for your next destination.

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