【Important Notice】About COVID-19

January 5, 2021

Due to the constantly changing situation of COVID-19, Please be aware of the most up to date travel information and advisories;
JTB USA & our business partners are constantly reviewing and updating their policies. We are continuously keeping track of these policy changes. Please check back with us often.

Airline Booking

Make sure to check the airline's website for flight status, cancellation, changes, and other conditions.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Immigration Restrictions

Inside Japan Information

Notice from quarantine station to persons entering Japan from overseas
JNTO Coronavirus Advisory Information:
Foreign visitors information (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan):

Japan Rail Pass Refunds

Unused JR Pass Vouchers are refundable within one year from the original issue date. The physical voucher issued must be returned to the original issuing agency to process the refund. (Shipping fee is non-refundable)
<< Refund Policy>>
For JR Pass orders placed On/Before March 8th, 2020
US Departure date: On/Before May 31, 2020 ---- 100% Refund of JR Pass*
*Must submit proof of departure date to JTB USA
For JR Pass orders placed On/After March 9, 2020 - Original Refund Policy will apply.
***JR Pass Refund will take 2-4 weeks to process.
***New Orders for JR Pass: Shipping will take 2 weeks from your order date.
(Our office in Los Angeles has been temporally closed due to the situation. We kindly ask customers if its possible to send us the returns and refunds after 04/19 due to the volume of returns)
(Refunds for JR pass are possible within 1 year of the issue date found on your physical voucher, if you would like to wait before shipping the voucher back to us)

Ghibli Museum

Ghibli Museum Ticket

For Ghibli museum is now extended temporary closed due to COVID-19.

Ghibli Museum Package

JTB USA agents are contacting customers that have purchased packages during this time.
If you have not received any information from JTB USA, please contact us at
1-800-223-6104 or send email to reservation@jtbusa.com

JTB Sunrise Tour (English guided Tour)

If you book tour with JTB USA, please contact us for update information.

The information is subject to change based on how the situation progresses.
Please contact us for any questions or concerns you may have.

Contact information

JTB USA Reservation Center: 1-800-223-6104

*Temporary Operating Business Hours
Hour: Mon-Fri 12:00-17:00(EST)9:00-14:00(PST)

E-mail: reservation@jtbusa.com