The Capitol Hotel Tokyu
The Capitol Hotel Tokyu
  • Our flagship hotel, The Capitol Hotel Tokyu opened in October, 2010. The theme of this hotel is “Embrace nature’s changing seasons… in a tranquil oasis so near, yet so far, from the hustle and bustle of the city”
  • The Capitol is located in Akasaka-district of Tokyo, and back in old days it used to be a place with lots of high-class Japanese Restaurant. One of the popular and well known restaurant was “Hoshigaoka Saryou” owned by “Kitaoji Rosanjin” started off as an artist with calligraphy, sculpture, and ceramics. Eventually he started to serve fine foods on his sculpture he have made with fabulous and outstanding hospitality.
  • Being located in the same location, The Capitol is proud to welcome and serve every guests around the world with outstanding and refined Japanese Hospitality keeping the tradition since 1920’s.
  • We still offer a restaurant, “Hoshigaoka”, keeping some of the traditional taste as well as the hospitality.
  • Located near the National Diet Building and Imperial Palace, we offer a jogging course that could be enjoyed, and also a walk to 500 years old Hie Shrine next door to soak up the culture and beauty of Japan.
  • The Capitol Hotel Tokyu has a long history behind, being The Tokyo Hilton Hotel started in the year of 1963. Welcoming guests and celebrity from around the world, in 1966 The Beatles stayed with us and had a press conference in front of the Pearl Ballroom, which a replica of the stage wall still stands today and still welcomes guests with the memory of the greatest musician of all time.
  • Keeping the basic Japanese tradition but inputting creativity, The Capitol offers an art called Ikebana (arranged flowers) in the lobby. The ikebana are changed frequently depending on the season of Japan, and if the guests are lucky they could have an opportunity to watch the process how they build the ikebana. It awaits at the entrance of The Capitol for guests to arrive from around the world.

Address: 2-10-3 Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0014
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The Capitol Hotel Tokyu
The Capitol Hotel Tokyu
The Capitol Hotel Tokyu
The Capitol Hotel Tokyu
The Capitol Hotel Tokyu
The Capitol Hotel Tokyu

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