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Autumn in Kyoto
Would it not be wonderful to visit Japan with the refreshing breeze while the leaves take on their warm red colors? There are four seasons in Japan, and autumn could be said as the most appealing season among them all. Autumn, when the coloring of the leaves change from green to crimson calls many sightseers to the popular tourist destinations in Japan. Yet, the beautiful autumn scenery in Japan is worth seeing.

JTB here produce a program that is sure to bring good memories to you on your visit to Japan, especially in autumn.
day 1

Arrive at Kyoto

In Kyoto, guests are able to look out the autumn scenery from the garden of temples. The view of the quaint temple and the radiant colors of the autumn leaves are beyond words.
The first dinner in Kyoto is to be a Shojinryori "vegetable dish," provided at Kangaan. The guests are assured a dinner in a wonderful setting created by the lit up surrounding scenery and the Japanese-modern furnishings of the restaurant.

day 2

A Visit to the hidden temple

Kyoto could be said as the city with the best autumn scenery in Japan. It is virtually impossible to enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery in a quite and comfortable environment.
JTB will take your guests to a temple, with a beautiful scenery, that is only known to the people residing in the district.
To keep your guests’peaceful time at this temple, its name is to be kept a secret.
Then, your guests will be lead to another temple, where they will take part in a Japanese Tea Ceremony. How rare and rich an experience it would be to have the beautiful scenery and the freshly made matcha tea in once?

day 3

Take in all that is provided in Kyoto.

The day begins with an early morning visit to Kiyomizu Temple. The temple is well known for having the most spectacular autumn scenery in Kyoto. An early morning visit to Kiyomizu Temple is worth making to have the access to the open view of the beautiful scenery without the crowd and stress.
For breakfast, guests bill be lead to a Japanese-style luxury restaurant to have asagayu "morning porridge," a typical breakfast in Kyoto.
After having breakfast, a short session of Zen meditation awaits your guests. The practice of meditation in the morning when the song of birds is all that could be heard is perfect. Your guests are sure to enjoy the scent, the sounds, and the presence of autumn while they relax their soul and body.
Having rest a while at the hotel, it is time to see another aspect of the beauty in Kyoto.
Your guests are first lead to the memorial hall showing the residence and the studio of the prominent ceramist Kanjiro Kawai. Then to the Hosomi Art Museum, where visitors will learn the area and the history of Japanese artistic handicrafts.
After the visits to the above two valuable sites, your guests could either enjoy shopping at the antique shops standing in a row beside the Shinmonzen Street, or increase their knowledge of Japanese gardens through the lectures of a gardener whose grandfather was a distinguished gardener. The gardener who has taken over his grandfather's skills will take the guests to the best gardens of his choice.
The evening of the last day of the tour is enlivened by a dinner at a geisha house with Geiko and Maiko performance. *Geisha house is normally not accessable to first-timers.
The best time to visit Japan in autumn is in the late of November.
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