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VISIT | Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara
The Best of Western Japan: Staying of Otozure
Visit some of the most important sites in Tokyo, Kyoto and Nara. Participate in a special cooking class thought by a Michelin rated chef, private Tea Ceremony, Sword lesson and meet with a Noh expert.
day 1


Arrive in Tokyo, the capital of modern Japan and one of the world's great cities, a dazzling mixture of the old and the new. Upon arrival, you are met and transferred to your hotel.

day 2


Early this morning, meet your guide and set out to explore Tokyo, one of the great cities of the world. Here you will find a fascinating mix of past and present: ultra-modern office buildings, monumental temples, green parks, and pulsing neon signs.
Begin with a visit to a Sumo stable to see a morning practice session.
Continue to the Tsukiji Fish Market, a site where perishable foods such as fresh fish, shellfish (much of it still alive), processed marine products, vegetables, fruit, meat and eggs are distributed.
Then experience a cooking class thought by a Michelin rated chef. Learn some traditional Japanese dishes. Michelin stars are awarded to restaurants offering the finest cooking, regardless of cuisine style.
End your day in the Ginza area, which takes its name from the silver mint that used to occupy the area. In Ginza, you will find major department stores, cinemas, and many small picture galleries, as well as some expensive designer shops and a few of Tokyo's priciest restaurants. One of the biggest attractions while visiting some of the large department stores is the fantastic basement-level food court where you can find a stunning range of local and international delicacies.
Overnight at your selected hotel.

day 3


Begin your full day of touring with a visit to the Meiji Shrine which is dedicated to the defied spirits of Emperor Meiji and his consort, Empress Shoken.
Continue to Harajuku, Tokyo's trendy district filled with shopping and entertainment. Located in Shibuya-ku, just next to the entrance of the Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Park, this hot-spot contains many small stores, boutiques, restaurants, and cafes. Harajuku's main attraction is the Takeshita Street, a narrow and busy pedestrian street feauturing various small stores. Wander through Omotesando, sometimes referred to as Tokyo's Champs-Elysees.
This afternoon meet with an expert to learn about Noh, a unique theatrical art which is credited as the oldest traditional performance arts in the world. It is registered as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. During your time with the expert experience wearing a Noh costume, which is a piece of fine art.
Overnight at your selected hotel.

day 4

Tokyo / Kyoto

After breakfast you are transferred to the rail station to board your high speed train to Kyoto. Kyoto was the imperial capital for more than 1,000 years. It has the finest temples, palaces, villas and gardens in Japan, as well as the most refined culture and lifestyle.
Visit Kinkakuji Temple, a Zen Temple formally known as Rokuon-ji. This temple was constructed in 1397 as part of a new residence for the retired shogun, Ashikaga Yoshimitsu. After his death, Kinkakuji was converted into a Zen temple.
Continue to Ryoanji which stands on the site of a Heian nobleman's estate, from which there remains a large pond. Also visit the Abbot's Garden of Ryoanji, considered the supreme example of an abstract Zen garden.
Afterwards visit Kiyomizu Temple (literally "Pure Water Temple"), one of the most celebrated temples in Japan. Kiyomizu Temple is best known for its wooden stage that juts out from its main hall.
Overnight at your selected hotel.

day 5


After breakfast participate in a traditional private sword lesson at a local temple. You can also choose to be instructed by a Maiko (geisha apprentice) on the traditional Japanese manners in traditional Japanese kimonos.
In the afternoon visit Sanjusangendo Hall which is the popular name for Rengeo-in Temple.
Sanjusangendo is famous for its 1001 statues of Kannon, the goddess of mercy.
Overnight at your selected hotel.

day 6

Kyoto / Nara / Kyoto

After breakfast a special privilege awaits. Meet with a monk in a private temple and listen as he gives a lecture on the history lifestyle of monks followed by a traditional tea ceremony.
Then visit the Fushimi Inari Shrine which is the most famous of several thousand of shrines dedicated to Inari across Japan. Inari is the Shinto god of rice, and foxes are thought to be his messengers, therefore, many fox statues can be found at Inari shrines. Fushimi Inari is also famous for the countless torii gates and offerings by worshipers.
Then travel to Nara, former feudal capital of Japan and home to some of the finest examples of ancient art and architecture in the country. Visit the Todai-ji Temple, first built in 752 and housing the world's largest bronze statue of Buddha (Daibutsu). Also stop at Deer Park, which has many tame deer that are cared for and protected as diving messengers.
Overnight at your selected hotel.

day 7

Kyoto / Tokyo

This morning visit the workshop of a local ceramic artisan with your guide to learn about this ancient craft. You are then transferred to the station to board the bullet train for Tokyo.
On arrival you are transferred to your hotel where the remainder of the day is at leisure.
Overnight at your selected hotel.

day 8


Begin the day with a tour of the Imperial Palace Plaza. Continue on to Asakusa Kannon Temple, one of the largest and most popular Buddhist temples in Tokyo. Among the temple's attractions are the rows of tiny shops selling cakes, dolls, clogs, kimonos and paper umbrellas at the Nakamise Shopping Arcade.
Lastly visit the Akihabara dictrict, the greatest sound and light show anywhere on earth.
Return to your hotel where the remainder of your afternoon and evening is at leisure.
Overnight at your selected hotel.

day 9

Tokyo / Departure

Your journey comes to an end today as you are transferred to the airport to board your flight home.

Japanese cooking lesson
Ryoanji Temple
Kiyomizu Temple
Asakusa Kannon Temple

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