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About COVID-19



How to develop an engaging hybrid event strategy.


Live broadcast from Japan and Canada


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Focus on Patients/Thinking Centered on Patients

This pharmaceutical company is working to contribute to the improvement of the quality of patients' lives, cherishing the basic spirit based on the value of providing new treatment options to patients and to thinking centered on patients by way of their new drug which obtained manufacturing and marketing approval in 2019.
Although COVID-19 made it unfeasible to conduct in-person meetings, we have emphasized realistic meeting measures to implement more direct communication. For this event, we executed a livestreamed lecture utilizing an online platform to inform as many medical professionals as possible about this drug.
By connecting Tokyo, Kyushu, Japan's Central Region, and Toronto via live streaming, we were able to provide information to a total of nearly 1,000 medical professionals.


Ensuring Meaningful Communication During the Pandemic

Initially scheduled to be held in-person, the event was moved online due to the pandemic, and it became a challenging livestreamed lecture connecting Tokyo, Kyushu, Japan's Central Region, and Toronto with a simultaneous interpretation.
Furthermore, the utmost consideration was required for the infection prevention measures for the speakers and staff in the studio. Since it was an important lecture for our clients, we communicated with them more than usual starting from the preparation stage, focusing on close communication and mutual understanding with various stakeholders, working as One Team to create an environment that was as close to an in-person meeting as possible. Specifically, we tripled the number of technical checks, technical rehearsals, and run-throughs.
We received high praise from not only the clients' management teams, but above all, from the participating faculty and doctors who viewed the livestream. It was different from the usual "webinar" and was successful in creating a unique, distinct type of digital lecture. In the future, in addition to operating similar events in different fields for the same client, we will expand it to other manufacturers as well.


Project Management for Best Performance

Starting from several months ago, various staff members from the clients' side and ours communicated and held detailed discussions until all of the following points were understood and agreed upon: understanding of the project, the corporate environment, background and purpose of the meeting, venue selection, issues, solutions, agenda and contents of the meeting, content review, distribution, management, welcoming of speakers, how to direct and inform participants, etc.
Canada declared a lockdown just before the lecture, but we overcame the worst of this situation by fully utilizing our global network.


Enhancing the experience even with an online platform
・Designing the studio to meet the clients' needs
・Planning with the studio and online platform to match the brand color
・Procurement and selection of equipment, vendor, and staff to provide the best performance within the budget
・Careful rehearsal and the construction the night before to operate without a failure
・Detailed cost management manual, development of management system, information transmission and decision-making rules
・Hospitality with great protection against infectious diseases

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We Create