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Travel Insurance

Individuals / Small Groups

Medium to Large Groups (10+ people or more)

Who Could Buy Travel Protection

Travelers of all kinds, such as...

Retirees taking a cruise
Families going to Disney World
Couples taking a vacation
College students backing Europe

Worldwide Coverage

Protection plans are available for...

Domestic Trips
International Trips
Trips of any length
(varies per plan)
Multiple Trips per Year

Pre & Post Departure Coverage

Coverage begins after purchase and continue through the duration of your trip.

Before the Trip

Travel protection begins while you are still home.

Risks might include last minute cancellations due to sickness, severe weather, or even terrorist attacks.

During the Trip

Can provide coverage for:

- Emergency / Accident Care
- Medical Evacuations
- Travel Delays
- Missed Connections
- Lost / Stolen Luggage
- And More...

Top Reasons For Purchase

Travelers may often worry about...


If forced to cancel their trip, travelers may want reimbursement for their pre-paid, non-refundable costs.

Medical Coverage

Especially when going abroad, travelers may become concerned about potential medical expenses.

Personal Belongings

Many travelers may have concerns about loss or theft of their baggage and important items, like a passport.

Things You May Want To Keep In Mind

Health Insurance

Your ordinary insurance plans may not offer coverage abroad, or they may have lower limits.


In most situations, Medicare may not offer medical coverage outside of the U.S.

Credit Card

Credit cards may have some travel coverage built-in, but some may not provide as many benefits as those provided by a third party travel protection plan.

Cruise Line

Cruise Lines may offer own protection plans, but you can help protect your cruise with a plan from a third party provider that may be more extensive.

A third party travel protection plan may offer more extensive coverage.

"What if" Scenarios to Consider

Would you be able to handle these situations without the help of travel protection?

What if...

you are involved in a car crash?

you injure yourself before or during the trip?

you lose your baggage during the trip?

your flight is delayed for several hours and you need to get a hotel for the night?

you have to cancel your cruise, or are delayed and miss your connection?

someone in your immediate family who isn't traveling gets sick, injured, or passes away?

you miss your cruise due to a delayed flight & have to pay fees to fly to the next port or call?

a natural disaster impacts your travel plans?

Are you prepared to...

pay for medical expenses if you have an accidental injury on your trip, or for medical evacuation from a foreign country?

Other Services Included in a Third Party Plan

Non-insurance Travel Assistance Services

Pre-trip advice on weather, inoculations, or visa information
Help with lost prescription
Coordinated emergency evacuation
Assistance in locating your lost baggage
Assistance to locate the nearest U.S. Embassy to replace your lost passport
Help to find the closest medical facility by U.S. standards