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Organizing international conferences using the online event platform ‘On Air’

Medical organization

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Kuoni Congress (division of Kuoni Tumlare) is a JTB Group company located in Europe. Since 1985, Kuoni Congress (division of Kuoni Tumlare) has been a synonym for professional and successful congress organization – and represents an extensive and continuously expanding network that’s bursting out of Europe.


The medical organization holds an annual international conference that brings together people from all over the world. Every year, a variety of presentations, discussions and exchanges take place, contributing to the development of the company’s field of expertise. However, the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 forced the cancellation of the conference that was to be held in Berlin. Although the medical organization rescheduled the conference for later in the year in the hopes that COVID-19 would be contained, the pandemic continued to rage and there was no sign of a turnaround.

Unfortunately, the event organizers were forced to give up on holding the conference in 2020. The prospect of holding it the following year was also uncertain. However, the medical organization was looking for a way to move forward with the 2021 conference due to its importance in the industry. The format of the conference would have to change, though, through scale and program adaptations.


Under these problematic conditions, the medical organization partnered with Kuoni Congress (division of Kuoni Tumlare) and decided that for the medical organization to host the conference in 2021, it was necessary to design an online platform focusing on virtual communication that would allow participants to engage with each other from various locations.

Kuoni Congress (division of Kuoni Tumlare) had several meetings with the medical organization and proposed “On Air,” a customized version of a general-purpose online tool, after thoroughly listening to the medical organization’s desired program and participant experience.

Kuoni Congress (division of Kuoni Tumlare) focused on making “On Air” a user-friendly tool with excellent visibility and operability for participants. Kuoni and the medical organization avoided technical problems such as delays and communication interruptions as much as possible and provided participants with an interactive communication experience that is comparable to an in-person event to use “On Air” in an international conference. As the medical organization put it, “The secretary’s workload has been reduced by providing end-to-end event management, from the kick-off meeting to pre-production, day-of operation and post-event analysis.”

To make the conference a reality, Kuoni Congress (division of Kuoni Tumlare) staff organized various live training sessions for speakers, interpreters, the medical organization staff and participants in advance of the meeting. JTB also worked with a team of volunteers of different nationalities to conduct live support chats during the conference to assist participants who were not fluent in English.

In addition, there were early morning yoga sessions, gamification to motivate participants, a virtual photo booth, networking events and other interactive activities to deepen participants’ communication.


As a result of holding an international conference using “On Air,” the medical organization was able to hold a program consisting of 15 symposium sessions, 10 workshops, and five keynote speeches. The event was on the same scale as past in-person events

The number of registered participants was more than double the number that attended the in-person event in 2019, and a record high. In addition, all sessions were recorded and made available for viewing on-demand, which was appreciated by those who could not attend on the day.

One participant voiced how pleased they were with the event by saying, “It was truly an enjoyable experience, and a wonderful opportunity for people from very far away to join! You did a great job making this a really inspiring online conference!” If you’re looking to host business events online or are interested in holding online events, please contact JTB USA Meetings & Events to learn more.

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