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Sports Sponsorship Activations


JTB USA knows that sponsors of the sports events carry high expectations for their involvement. Shareholders, board members and executives expect the business to fully leverage this unique opportunity to engage with customers, consumers and employees; therefore delivering long-term business impact with a measurable return on investment and achievement of stated business objectives.

To dive a little deeper, we are a specialized agency that works for sponsors and other stakeholders to deliver operations for activations at worldwide sporting events. Our main focuses include:

Operational planning
Brand experience
Game time staffing
Hospitality management


JTB employs some of the best sponsor activation strategies to increase engagement. For example, they accompany their clients every step of the way in their sponsorship journey. To do so, the organization must deeply understand differentiating client objectives, styles and budgets. Once you understand the different needs of every client, the activation methodology becomes unique in every situation.

Every client needs a customized approach. JTB uses information that is provided from every particular situation for optimization that optimizes the final program to be an enjoyable experience and help the event see a return on investment.

In general, operation excellence often encourages increased sponsor activation. JTB has an operational planning team that brings much-needed experience and attention to detail. In the end, the goal should be to create a strategy that helps the whole organization achieve business success through your sponsorship activation.


To pull off a successful and complicated event, every team needs to be on the same page and working from the same agenda. You need a professional that can help your internal teams work well together.

Every aspect of the event needs to be accounted for, and there should be a high level of event readiness. The preparation required to execute the entire plan requires hard work and attention. This means that you need to be ready for any possible scenario, which calls for operational planning techniques.

JTB will closely work with clients as an extension of their internal team to understand their requirements and develop a critical path that outlines the timelines for key planning elements and milestones required to deliver a successful activation with extensive experience in managing large and high-profile sponsorship activation at the world’s biggest sporting events.

Our Operational Planning includes all facets of your sponsorship program: customized business unit programs, guest communication, giveaway, arrivals & departures, accommodation, transportation, accreditation, ticketing, food & beverage, hospitality and entertainment, and, of course, staffing.


When it comes to activating your sponsors, the brand experience as a whole is a major component of any strategy. JTB places particular emphasis on ensuring that a client’s brand is brought to life and integral to the guest experience. We strive to deliver benefits through the guest experience by bringing every event to life through creative and memorable brand encounters, leaving lasting impressions for every guest. Bringing the Clients brand ‘alive’ and communicating key brand messages is a critical part of delivering on clients’ business objectives and a strong ROI for the sponsors activation. Here are some examples of how JTB does this:

Guest communication
Staff outfitting
Space design
Brand showcasing
Sustainable activity
Diversity and inclusion
Contingency Planning, Security and Health & Safety

While this may seem like a long list, there’s so much more to know when it comes to elevating the brand experience.


Every facet of the event should be considered from every angle and in every possibility. JTB has an experienced team that can provide some of the best support for these needs. An outcome is an engaging event that boasts world-class hospitality and staffing. All of these components come together to create the perfect sponsor activation strategy.

To learn more about JTB and its sponsor activation methods, reach out to JTB today.

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