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How a pharmaceutical company transitioned to hybrid events
with no prior experience using JTB’s services.

Pharmaceuticals and chemical manufacturing

Incentive events for dealers and new product launches


Our client in the pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing industry was striving to reach and connect with new markets using the meeting and event technology that JBT makes available. Like many companies, they had no prior experience with these tools before the pandemic urged them to take advantage of the new opportunities.

Stakeholders understood that events are essential in promoting an understanding of the company’s products and are used to generate leads and sales, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. As a company serving the healthcare industry, they knew they could benefit from increasing their international communication capabilities.


Before the pandemic, most of the company’s incentive events were in-person and they held almost no virtual events, so they did not know how to prepare for this shift. Because of this, the company wasn’t able to handle it well when attempting to tackle the new change on its own.

The business wanted event production assistance for virtual conferences and conventions, as well as venue logistics support for the in-person components of their incentive events and meetings with dealers. The client needed help on how to create an impactful event that was on the same level as an in-person one when hosting using alternative formats like virtual or hybrid events. This challenge was met by using interactive tools to increase attendee engagement.


JTB worked with the company’s event manager to find the right hybrid incentive event solution for the business’ specific requirements. One of these solutions was to utilize live broadcasts to increase connectivity. Live broadcasts have helped keep the client connected with other businesses in their industry from around the world. Leveraging our global network, JTB can provide high-quality operations at each location, through a combination of our employees providing on-site support and working closely with each area starting from the preparation stage.

The company chose this hybrid solution because JTB has a versatile system that can be optimized to meet their unique needs and because of the variety of support that our worldwide network provides.


Working with JTB on hybrid events contributes not only to cost reduction but also to more efficient event management. The company was pleased with the results of their partnership with JTB because it created a much-needed sense of community among their dealers that will be carried over into post-pandemic life.

JTB has the ability to address and support a diverse array of customer needs and find new solutions by tapping into a network of global partners. Our services increase efficient management of the company’s meetings and events in the long term.

If you’re looking to host business events online or are interested in holding online events, please contact JTB USA Meetings & Events today to learn more.

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