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Corporate Meeting and Travel Management

Manufacturing business

Automotive and machine tool manufacturing

Corporate Meeting and Travel Management (CMTM)


A large automotive and machine tool manufacturing business headquartered in North America came to JTB with the desire to revitalize its corporate event and travel program.

The first objective was a streamlined approach to hosting product launch events. As company leadership explained in our initial conversations, these launch events held an important place in their overall strategy as a way to raise awareness about new products and innovations, ultimately sparking interest and generating sales.

The second objective was to find a more streamlined way to carry out incentive programs with travel rewards for the topperforming sales reps and dealers in their network. The manufacturer’s internal teams needed support for meeting venue logistics, accommodations, transportation, sightseeing, and other business travel and event needs to carry out these programs.

The challenge was that each department in the company had been conducting its own meetings and events with separate vendors and partners. Leadership had not yet established an efficient way to streamline event operations across the entire business under one program. However, company leadership knew doing this could streamline their efforts and reduce overall costs.


JTB worked with our manufacturing client’s project and procurement managers to find the right solution. After learning more about the siloed approach and cross-departmental needs, we proposed Corporate Meeting and Travel Management as well as JTB Connect.

CMTM is an event management philosophy we use for implementing and managing meetings, incentives, conferencing and exhibitions (MICE). It can work for businesses in any industry, at scale, to streamline and optimize operations for the highest event ROI. JTB’s CMTM has also helped our clients reduce costs by up to 20%.

To support CMTM, we recommended using JTB Connect — our proprietary software application that enables Cvent integration — to optimize event management functions and meet their other needs. Implementing this program helps ensure event compliance, supports visualization and standardization of work processes and provides greater visibility into spending data.

Additionally, we were able to customize JTB Connect as a one-stop shop our client could use for managing the incentive and reward programs for their sales reps and dealers. This application allows for easy registration management and simplifies communications with tools for sending event announcements to participants. It’s also the destination for making and managing venue, hotel and transportation arrangements.

Following an event, JTB Connect enables participant data analysis and gives stakeholders a clearer understanding of the effectiveness and success of each event.


After implementing our CMTM strategy and getting up and running with the JTB Connect app, our manufacturing client was impressed with how efficient their event management process became. Company leadership reported cost savings as well as greater attendee satisfaction, thanks to JTB’s solutions.

JTB’s staff around the world is available to provide full support — from strategic preparation to on-site assistance — to help our clients bring ambitious meeting and event ideas to life. Contact JTB USA Meetings & Events to learn more.

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