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Hybrid Exhibition (Ikeda Bussan) case study

Ikeda Bussan is an international trade company based in New York. Because of the nature of their business, global conventions and events are a common part of their company’s operations.


When Ikeda Bussan came to JTB, the client was struggling with several different organizational challenges. Among these issues was the short lead time associated with the event planning timeframe. Coordination can be tricky in these kinds of events, something that requires meeting and event planning professionals.

In addition, Ikeda Bussan needed to execute global coordination between several locations, which is a common challenge for event planners. The last of the potential problems was their desire for a booth design that ultimately enhanced their branding image. Previously, they had consulted other event planning companies, but due to differences in language and business practices, they had not been able to achieve the results they were seeking.


The professionals at JTB had a strong network in the US events industry and many years of experience with exhibitions in the US market that helped to create the ideal solution for Ikeda Bussan’s event planning needs. Through effective communication between the two teams, the event planners were able to meet Ikeda Bussan’s impeccable standards. The coordination team was impressed with JTB’s management skills and our ability to juggle multiple responsibilities efficiently. In addition, the tight timeline required both teams to be extremely responsive in order to complete the process on time.

Ikeda Bussan liked the comprehensive proposal that JTB initially brought to the table. The proposal addressed the previously discussed challenges and also illuminated further ideas to make the event a success. Overall, team collaboration was an essential part of organizing an efficient and hospitable gathering.


Right from the beginning, Ikeda Bussan felt their requirements, services and goals were understood. The excellent communication strategies implemented by JTB resulted in a quick turnaround time that worked well for Ikeda Bussan and its partners. The Ikeda Bussan team reported that “everything was taken care of as promised, exceeding expectations by JTB".

JTB has built a system to produce specialists with a wealth of experience in exhibition construction and operations internally, and representatives who elicit the client’s needs directly. By selecting local partners based on those needs and maintaining frequent communication, we are able to directly reflect the client’s needs in terms of both designs and cost. The result was a well-planned and on-brand event that met Ikeda Bussan’s high standards.


Ikeda Bussan was exceptionally satisfied with the results of their partnership with JTB and the event was a complete success.

We have built a system in which JTB’s American staff are experienced with both Japanese and US companies so they can understand each client's needs. In addition, we provide a meticulously optimized service and strive for customer satisfaction. We also have 225 locations around the world and this tangible merit enables us to gather information and deal with urgent issues in any country. Our locations have both local staff who know everything about their area and Japanese staff who can provide Japanese hospitality, which also provides a sense of security.

Does your team want to throw a successful meeting or event but are facing some challenges? Regardless of your team’s event planning needs, JTB can help curate a plan to meet those requirements. To learn more about how to organize a superior event or meeting, please contact JTB USA Meetings & Events today to learn more.

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